COVID-19 Statement

Should you feel the need to attend the clinic for a 1:1 face to face service (Physio, Massage or Exercise Physiology) we can still provide these services under strict hygiene conditions. You need to ensure you do not have any flu-like symptoms, and that you have been self isolating as much as possible, according to the guidelines that are currently in place.

We hope you are staying safe and well while self isolating. We’d also like you to stay strong and healthy, so we are offering a range of online Pilates and Exercise Programs for you to follow at home.

Online Pilates/Exercise Programs

Every Monday and Thursday, commencing on April 9, we will be offering a mat based Pilates/Exercise video for you to follow. Each video will involve varied exercises covering a range of positions and muscle groups. These videos are aimed at an intermediate level.

You also have the option for an additional 15 minute high intensity workout to be included.

These sessions will cost $20 per 30 minute video or $35 if including the high intensity workout.

Online private 1:3 Live sessions

We know that many of you enjoy exercising with those in your usual class, or you may have family or friends who you would like to exercise with. Joel will be offering live private sessions for up to 3 people (minimum of 2) using Zoom. Instructions and a link will be sent to you regarding set up and joining the class. These sessions can be tailored to suit each participant.

*If you have people in your usual class, or friends who you think may be interested, let us know and we can contact them regarding their interest and availability.

These sessions will cost $35pp for 30 minutes.

To gain access to either of the online sessions email [email protected] or call reception on 03 9825 2697 mentioning the session you are interested in.

Tailored Home Exercise Programs

For existing clients of Motion Health, we can offer you a Home Exercise Program which will include diagrams and descriptions of exercises tailored to your goals. Of course they will also be addressing any injuries or concerns you have mentioned in your classes.

A tailored Home Exercise Program can be developed for you for $25.


We are offering 30 minute 1:1 Telehealth appointments with either our Physiotherapist Catherine MacRae, or our Exercise Physiologist Joel Wallace. Along with these 1:1 consultations, a tailored home exercise program can be developed for you free of charge.

A 1:1 Telehealth Consultation cost is $70 for 30 minutes. These sessions are covered by some Private Health Insurers at the moment but should be covered by them all in the near future. Please check with you fund to see if you are covered.

Those on Medicare EPC care plans will be eligible for a bulk billed consultation. If necessary speak to your GP regarding this.

Keep you and your family well, The Motion Health Team