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Exercise and Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the joints, where the cartilage that covers the surface of joint has worn down or is in the process of wearing down. Within and around the joints cartilage acts as a shock absorber and assists with the smooth movement of the joint,

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life changing medicare service

Are you missing out on a life-changing Medicare service?

A new report has found that millions of Australians are missing out on a health service that could dramatically improve our lives, especially those of us who are living with chronic disease. Independent advisory practice Deloitte Access Economics in conjunction with Exercise & Sports Science Australia released a research paper showing that

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cycling performance and injury prevention

Cycling Performance & Injury Prevention

Did you know when riding that you can complete around 5400 revolutions of the pedal cycle each hour? To prevent overuse and postural injuries, and maximise your performance, correct alignment technique is essential. With this is mind we can look at how we interact with the bike, our cycling posture,

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ON THE SNOW: Stability, Conditioning & Injury Prevention

As this year’s ski season approaches it is important to be in the best physical shape to tackle the slopes. Skiing or snowboarding are whole body activities that require a combination of stability, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Here are a few tips how to reduce your risk of injury and

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