Richie Butler

Richie graduated from La Trobe University with Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice in 2015.

Richie has a strong background in health and fitness having played over 200 games of football in the VAFA with Old Ivanhoe Grammarians football club, where he has been made a life member. Richie also combines his work at Motion Health with a part time role at the Essendon Football Club. Professionally he has a passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy with special interests in treating low back pain, patella tendinopathy and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Richie has also completed further professional development in clinical Pilates, and dry needling, and he regularly incorporates these skills into his physiotherapy practice. 

Away from his work as a physiotherapist Richie likes to balance his family life with spare time spent in the gym, cycling, or surfing.

Motion Health team member - cath
Catherine MacRae
Cath has a Bachelor of science honours degree in Physiotherapy and 21 years experience in clinical practice. 
Cath specialises in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, splitting her time between the physio rooms and the exercise studio.  Her areas of clinical expertise include tendinopathies, running injuries, lower limb injuries and biomechanics, and shoulder pain. 
Outside of work, Cath trains and competes as a Pole vaulter. She is also kept active with her young son Angus, and loves being outdoors spending time with her family. She can be found riding her bike to get around as much as possible. 

I am passionate about movement and strength for health. I want to inspire people to continue to be active and assist them in being able to maintain longevity in whatever physical activity they choose to do.

James Barjasic
James Barjasic

James graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Physiotherapy Practice in 2012. 

 James has a strong passion for treating and rehabilitating sports injuries, having worked with a number of professional athletes over the years. He has a particular interest in treating AFL football and basketball related injuries, as well as golfers and runners.

 James also enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal issues across a diverse range of clientele from different backgrounds, with particular interest in neck pain, shoulder pain and lower limb injuries.

 James offers both hands on manual therapy and strong exercise rehabilitation skills, including Pilates and Strength & Conditioning. He enjoys creating close rapport with his clients and loves being on the journey with them to reaching their goals.

I strongly believe in empowering people to move better and get stronger using my physiotherapy skills and strength knowledge so they can achieve their goals and enjoy life. I love being on this journey with my clients from start to finish.

Motion Health team member - Geoff
Geoff Greenwood

Geoff has a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy and in Rehabilitation, and a Masters of Science.

Geoff has a special interest in spinal conditions and sports injuries. Apart from neck and back pain, headaches and peripheral joint injuries, he has a special interest in treating older athletes. 

I have a particular passion for spinal conditions and sports injuries. Apart from neck and back pain, headaches and peripheral joint injuries, I also enjoy treating veteran sports men and women.

Motion Health team member - Adrian
Adrian Pranata

Adrian has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, a Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and a PhD investigating spinal biomechanics in people with chronic low back pain.

He is part of the inaugural team of the Master of Physiotherapy program at Swinburne University of Technology. Besides teaching, Adrian is currently involved in multidisciplinary research projects with world leading orthopaedic and neurosurgeons, biomechanists, designers and engineers. His research focuses on the use of technology in the management of low back pain, lower limb pain and enhancing outcomes following orthopaedic surgery.

Adrian has a particular passion for treating persistent pain disorders especially chronic spinal pain, headaches and temporomandibular disorders.

I am believer of combining technology, manual therapy and functional exercises to achieve the most optimal outcome for my clients.


Motion Health team member - Kirsty
Kirsty Allen

Kirsty has a double Bachelor of Sports Management and Exercise Science (Human Movement) and a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. 

Kirsty specialises in exercise rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries, osteoarthritis and falls prevention. She also has a special interest in sports specific training and general strength and conditioning. 

In her spare time, Kirsty enjoys staying active by going to the gym and taking her two dogs out for a walk. She also likes the occasional brunch, while planning her next overseas adventures. 

Seeing someone improve their mental and physical health and achieving their goals by something as simple as exercise is so rewarding. Being able to do something today that they wouldn’t have thought possible last week is the reason I love what I do

Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Nathan has a Bachelor of Sports Science (Exercise Science) and a Master of Clinical Exercises Science and Rehabilitation. 

He has a passion for working with neurological and metabolic conditions, as well as promoting exercise to manage the risk of falls.

Nathan has a love of basketball and remains actively involved in the sport as a referee. In his spare time, he enjoys staying active by going to the gym, hiking, and taking his dog for a walk. 

I am passionate about motivating my clients to not only find how they can incorporate physical activity into their life but how they can create long-lasting healthy habits and a sense of affinity with movement.