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At Motion Health, we are dedicated to providing you with clinical excellence and quality care from a team you can trust. We believe in delivering results that empower you to do the things you love through our philosophy to “Move Well, Live Well”.

Our approach to Pilates focuses on teaching you to move well for optimum function and performance. We offer a variety of options including individual 1:1 Clinical Pilates sessions, as well as a range of classes which have been created to ensure you meet your goals.

What sets Motion Health apart is our experienced Pilates team, consisting of qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. Our practitioners provide a high level of expertise across a range of rehabilitation, general health, fitness, and sports performance disciplines.

Pilates Classes

Motion Health Services

The First Step


  • A review of your medical/injury history
  • An assessment of your posture and movement quality
  • Establish your goals

All new Motion Health clients are required to undergo a 55 minute initial assessment to ensure the appropriate class formats and wellbeing plans are recommended.

Motion Health Services

Focus On You


  • A personalised program tailored specifically for you
  • Utilises a variety of studio equipment
  • Ideal for anyone, ranging from the beginner to the advanced

Enjoy the comfort of doing Clinical Pilates with the undivided attention from your qualified practitioner in either a 30 minute or 55 minute session.

Motion Health Services

Address Your Goals


  • Individualised program tailored specifically to your goals
  • An adaptable class which utilises a variety of studio equipment
  • Caters to the individual’s level of experience

Whether you're looking for a full body work out, a stretch and release session, sports specific conditioning and performance, or injury prevention, this 55 minute class is for you!

Motion Health Services

All Rounder


  • Includes a complimentary Pilates Assessment (for new clients only)
  • Includes unlimited Pilates Classes

“In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.” - Joseph Pilates. Take advantage of over 100 classes per week with our UNLIMITED Membership.

Membership Terms & Conditions

Booking/Payment Options

Here at Motion Health, we cater to everyone’s unique lifestyle.

If you prefer the consistency of reserving a permanent spot in the same class, on the same day, at the same time, with the same practitioner each week, we would recommend our casual visit or pre-paid pack options. We would also recommend these options for those who would like to attend 1 – 2 times per week, but have a changing work/life schedule.

If flexibility is what you are looking for, our membership options allow unlimited attendances on a week-by-week basis. This option offers value for money, as well as the opportunity to fit in a class when it suits you. Memberships are debited weekly on a 3, 6, or 12month contract. Depending on the length of your contract, you may be entitled to place your membership on hold for up to 4 weeks. Class bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.

For more information on which option may be best for you, please speak with one of our friendly Receptionists.

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The Offer Includes:

  • A 55minute Pilates Initial Assessment with a qualified Practitioner
  • Unlimited access to over 100 Pilates classes per week for 1 month

The Cost:

  • $280 paid upfront

The Next Step:

  • To book your Pilates Initial Assessment either call us on (03) 9825 2697 or book online (limited availability online)

"Introductory Offer" must be mentioned at time of booking or during attendance at your Initial Assessment

• New clients only • One per person • Following the 1 month period the fees will revert to standard prices – details available on request