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September 2019 – How to Fix your Lateral Hip Pain

By Catherine MacRae I was inspired to write this blog after listening to a recent webinar by Tom Goom ( on ‘Lateral Hip Pain – 5 Mistakes that are ruining your results’ Chances are, if you are suffering with lateral hip pain (pain at the side of your hip), you

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August 2019 – Load Management for Injury Prevention

By Catherine Macrae Whether you are training for a marathon, a hiking holiday, a week at the ski slopes, or even just maintaining the ability to cope with tasks of daily living, managing load is relevant for everyone. Research highlights the need for education on modification of load in addition

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July 2019 – Acute Ankle Sprains

By Kirsty Allen Acute ankle sprains are one of the most reported musculoskeletal injuries amongst the general population, with up to 70% of people reporting an ankle injury in their life time. Representing roughly 15% of all injuries reported, the highest rates of ankle sprains are typically reported in sports

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June 2019 – Physiotherapy for cervicogenic headache

By Adrian Pranata Headache is a common problem in society and is one of the most common reasons one would seek medical help. There are myriad causes of headaches ranging from stress, hormone imbalance, balance and sight problems to serious medical conditions such as a stroke or brain tumour. However,

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May 2019 – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

By Monica Nguyen Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is muscle tenderness and stiffness that usually starts 12-24 hours after the activity. Most of the stiffness/discomfort usually occurs 24 hours after and can even last for 3 to 5 days after the activity that caused it. It is thought to be

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April 2019 – Lower Back Pain and Exercise

Lower Back Pain? Keep Moving By Joel Wallace Almost everyone at some point experiences back pain, and for some this might be a regular occurrence. It is very easy to fear back pain and treat it differently to how we would other pains and aches. This may be for many

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March 2019 – Explaining Pain

Explaining Pain by Catherine Macrae ‘All Pain experiences are a normal response to what your brain thinks is a threat’ The construction of the pain experience in the brain relies on many sensory cues. There are danger sensors throughout the body (Nociceptors), that when excited to a critical level, pass

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January 2019 Newsletter – Benefits of Exercise Physiology

Benefits of Exercise Physiology In Australia close to 60% of people do not meet physical activity guidelines. This has played a major factor in the increased rates of obesity, metabolic disease and numerous other conditions. Along with the preventative aspect of exercise, research has shown that exercise is just as

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December 2018 Newsletter – Health Insurance

Changes to Pilates rebates through Private Health Insurance will take effect from 1st April 2019. These changes mean that Pilates classes taken by a Pilates Instructor will no longer be funded, as part of a reform to eliminate rebates for non evidence based natural therapies. This reform will NOT impact Motion Health

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